Women’s Fragrances to Buy and Try

September 20, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Beauty

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The world of women’s fragrances can be diverse and varied. If you’re not sure what fragrance to buy, here are some suggestions.

Carolina Herrera Women’s Eau de Perfum

Women’s Fragrances To Buy And Try

Carolina Herrera’s women’s perfume is known for making a strong impression with its tuberose base and distinctive floral scent that envelops your senses. Its long-lasting, distinctive scent will make sure everyone knows you wear this elegant fragrance.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense

Women’s Fragrances To Buy And TryThe original Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume was known for its fresh, citrus-influenced scent. The Eau Intense variant keeps the sweet citrus smell but adds more balance to the mixture by increasing the musky elements.

Coach Floral Blush

Women’s Fragrances To Buy And Try

Coach Floral Blush’s use of goji berries and other floral elements make it a very sweet, outdoorsy scent. This is a great scent for everyday excursions, as it is pleasant without being too strong.

Prada Candy Night

Women’s Fragrances To Buy And Try

If you’re looking for something bold, unique, and inventive, try Prada’s candy-inspired fragrance. It takes hints of chocolate, vanilla, and caramel for a sweet but smooth scent perfect for a night on the town.

My Burberry Black

Women’s Fragrances To Buy And Try

My Burberry Black is a scent that is a bit darker and richer, but no less feminine. The mix of strong plant-based elements such as jasmine, patchouli, and peach create a more mature, classy fragrance for a modern woman.

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