How to Clean Contact Lenses

August 3, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Health

Strong vision is something most people need to go about their daily lives. Ordinary tasks you may experience on any given day, from cooking eggs in the morning to driving to a friend’s house, require you to have reliable eyesight. Doctors today have the resources to create tools that are specifically tailored for your eyes.

Keeping your eyeglasses crisp and clean is fairly easy and straightforward. A microfiber cloth can wipe away most fingerprints and smudges your lenses will accumulate throughout the day. Contact lenses, however, require a few more maintenance steps.

Use Fresh Contact Solution

When you need to take your air optix aqua multifocal lenses off at the end of the day you need to carefully place them in contact solution. Using fresh solution is absolutely crucial because the freshness will dictate how effective it will be at keeping them clean. Contact solution bottles have expiration dates that you must follow because old solution can become both ineffective and bacteria-filled.

Avoid Water

Your tap water may be clean enough to drink or do the dishes with but think twice before you attempt to clean your contact lenses from with it. Standard tap can contain high concentrations of calcium and magnesium, which can potentially scratch the surface of the eye or lens. Additionally, the presence of microorganisms can lead to unwanted eye infections that can further damage your vision. Even though the water may appear fresh and clear, you need to be concerned about the particles that are too small for the human eye to detect.