Three types of soccer jerseys you can buy today

December 11, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Sports Apparel

There is a long story behind every soccer jersey you come across. The design, color selection, and placement all reflect something of that time. There are special designs for tournaments, matches, and seasons. Here are several types of soccer jerseys on sale that you can buy.

International jerseys

International team jerseys are popular during big tournaments like the World Cup, European Championships, and other tournaments that cover several teams. The most important distinction between an international jersey and others are the stripes. International team jerseys have three stripes with the national colors. You can buy international team jerseys as soon as the team reveals the design.

Club jerseys

Apparel sales are a massive source of income for clubs, and there are new designs for every year. The club will get jerseys from their apparel sponsor. When you buy a replica jersey, you are getting the same jersey that the player wears. Club jerseys have more sponsor decals than international teams and sport the clubs logo. The clubs put the new jerseys on sale at the start of each new season.


Lastly, you get training jerseys available in simple colors like black and white for team practice sessions. Even when the school team provides jerseys, they expect the players to bring clothing for practice and training sessions. The practice jerseys use the same wicking fabric used in team and club jerseys.

Soccer Garage carries club, international team, and even practice jerseys on their website.